A gentle and relaxed experience with Carol who has a unique ability to make you feel like her only client.  She has a calming presence which I felt after our sessions ended.  I was provided with a hypnosis/sleep recording & it works!  Whenever I feel the need for her voice or guidance, I know it’s there – how reassuring that is.  Highly recommend this lady.

Depression, Anxiety & Insomnia

I suffer depression, anxiety and sleep problems. From the very first meeting on zoom, Carol made me feel so at ease. Explaining the whole process and taking the time to listen to my story. From the first session I began to look forward to our weekly session as it was time for me. I was able to totally immerse myself in that moment and I could feel my body and mind relaxing. Before Christmas I was overwhelmed with work, study and family life. I had assignments to get finished and I was at a mental freeze as I had so much to do. With the help of carol’s download and techniques I got all my assignments finished and have since used this to declutter rooms in my house. As hard as it was to start clearing the stuff, I could see the end result and the sense of achievement was even better than I imagined. I am forever grateful to Carol for helping me with my anxiety, depression and sleep issues. I have seen positive changes in my life and will continue to hear her voice in my head when I encounter a challenge.

Anxiety & Stress

I have truly enjoyed every single session with you, Carol! You are such a wonderful, gentle, understanding and loving person that I have felt absolutely comfortable with and trustworthy towards from the beginning. It was a pleasure to see for me how my situation improved session by session. You truly understand to transport the method of positivity with each and every cell of your being! I am more than grateful for this experience and for meeting you!


Having attended her Yoga classes for the last 3 years I have come to know Carol as a warm, friendly person and an encouraging teacher who takes care to ensure that everyone is getting the best from the yoga experience. People are drawn to her enthusiasm, positivity and general ‘joie de vivre’ and time spent in her company is always mood enhancing.