Yoga Bio

I first discovered Yoga in 1997 when my work mentor recommended the practice to soothe while working in the United Arab Emirates.  Eight years later, I was burnt out, disillusioned by the corporate world, and then yoga found me once more.  There was a studio close to the office where I began attending classes.  It started with two days a week, but within six months, I was attending daily.  Very quickly, I realized my yoga was more important than my job.

On finding an advert for a 10 month Yoga Teacher Training with YTTC, I was signed up within minutes.  After graduation, I began building my own yoga business and 2 years later teaching full time.

Having studied many different styles of yoga, I draw on those styles as inspiration and teach in the moment letting the body be the guide.  My goal is to bring physical and emotional health together – specialising in vinyasa, yin and somatic yoga as these styles helped me through low times in my life.