Yoga Sessions & Workshops

Enjoying Yoga in the park after lockdown.

I provide corporate and individual yoga in person and online.  Specialising in Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Somatic and Chair Yoga.

A typical session begins by observing the breath, becoming aware of it’s movement and texture.  This leads to warm-up stretches and/or a series of various energy movements.  Finishing with complete physical and mental relaxation.

Each individual is encouraged to work to their own level and to stop if discomfort is experienced.  Initial assessments will be carried out and any medical conditions will be discussed, adapting therapy if needed.

Yoga can reduce stress and encourage relaxation, increase feelings of vitality and wellbeing, improve digestion, develop better posture and increase general muscle tone and strength.

Private Sessions  60 mins £65
Corporate / Group Sessions 60 mins £65
Workshops / Presentations 90 mins
Half day
Full day
Please contact me for workshops and presentations.